Arkhangai, Mongolia

The nomadic culture in Mongolia is critical to the health of the steppe ecosystem. The rotational grazing patterns practiced by nomads for centuries is important in allowing the land to rest and regenerate. You will be visiting families that are fully nomadic, encouraging them to keep this important heritage alive.

Participate in the daily activities of nomadic families and learn about traditional nomadic lifestyles. By living and immersing yourself in nomadic communities, we are able to supplement their income while allowing them to sustain this important traditional livelihood. To prevent over-extending the nomadic families, we will strive to ensure that each family hosts one group of guests at one time without losing their primary livelihood.

Generally, a traveller would spend USD$50-$100 per day in this destination.

How to get there: 

  • Nearest international airport: Chinggis Khan International Airport 
  • Arrange a driver and/or guide with our local partner


Activities Available

More about the community

  • Due to the unique nature of Mongolia, you would have to hire a driver/guide with our local partner to access this community.
  • There is an option to include this visit as part of a longer Mongolia travel itinerary. Please contact host community for more details. 
  • To maintain the equitable distribution of tourism, travellers are allocated to live with different families in the region. 
  • Some nomadic families may not have spare tourist ger and you would have to share a ger with the local family providing the most authentic experience. 

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