The lists of hosts available for individuals holding the Terraformers Travellers’ Membership is carefully curated by core community members of the Terraformers DAO. Members can expect to find a list of hosts to apply to visit after successful application to the travellers membership. We are gradually working to grow our list of destinations to serve your travel needs and increase the potential for a match between you and a host. Get your membership now.

As a Terraformer, you will participate in tourism activities offered by your hosts, witness and experience their day-to-day lives. You could even consider going a step further to volunteer your skills to support their development and growth. In exchange, our hosts will share with you their stories, take you on adventures and maybe sometimes even treating you to a drink!


Gain a better understanding of what regenerative tourism is about

Speak with locals and learn from them how tourism has supported the growth of their natural and cultural heritage. Post travels, join our community to contribute and build the future of regenerative tourism with us.

Spice up your travels with unique localised adventures

Why relax in places where thousands have been before you, when you can experience exclusive adventures that you own and will remember for the rest of your life?

Authentic experiences

Authentic travel is nowadays very difficult to come by. We become one of many money-making opportunities amidst mass tourism. When picking our destinations, we made the extra effort to seek villagers that would love to genuinely share their traditions.

Travel with confidence

Our approach to tourism development is to allow indigenous communities to take the lead in designing the experiences. Our country stewards also work closely on the ground to ensure that destinations are only added if they offer significant cultural and nature heritage.


  • Learn about regenerative travel and contribute further in the future
  • Experience an adventure of a lifetime
  • Authentic interactions during your travels
  • Travel to revitalise cultural and nature heritage




There is no better way to learn about regenerative travel than to experience its magic yourself!
There is no better way to learn about regenerative travel than to experience its magic yourself!

Current Destinations

List of villages committed to the long term goal of regenerative travel

Northern Vietnam

1. Great landscapes and sceneries

2. Culturally diverse & rich cultural heritage

3. Strong, supportive local communities 

4. Hospitable hosts

We are offering a special early adopters’ lifetime membership at S$15!

What is included:

1. Option to mint a Terraformers NFT after your trip and become our community member

2. A lifetime of regenerative adventures with our growing list of hosts around the world

3. Personalised support to connect with and make logistical arrangements with your host

  • Please note that this programme is only suitable for individuals/groups that are embarking on self-planned travel. Add one of our destinations to your itinerary when a suitable match is found and our partners will host you at their villages.
  • All payment made is non-refundable, and entitles you to a lifetime access of our experiences in the future.
  • We reserve the right to revoke your membership access should there be a violation in our community values.

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Q: If I change my mind after purchasing the membership, can I get a refund? 

A: No refund will be provided. The Terraformers travellers’ membership will entitle you to view future listings with other villages, and embark on a regenerative travel whenever you are ready. 

Q: Will you arrange the travel logistics for me?

A: No, please note that we are not a travel agency and will not be able to support with logistical arrangements. However, we will be providing you personalised support to connect with your hosts and receive basic information required for you to plan your trip and work out an itinerary. 

Q: Why do I have to do a goal setting chat? 

A: As we work with indigenous communities who are new to the field of hospitality and tourism is not as developed as what we are commonly familiar with, we want to ensure that you have the right expectations and mindset to maximise your experience. This is to ensure that no unnecessary stress would be imposed on the local communities, while you score one of the best adventures ever in your life.

Q: When can I expect more experiences to be available? 

A: Our team is working hard on the ground to bring more regenerative travel experiences to you. Do stay tuned for updates in our discord channel.

Q: Is the Terraformers travellers’ membership only available for Vietnam based experiences? 

A: No, the membership will entitle you to view all future experiences we add for the community regardless of location. However, do note that our initial focus will be geographically confined to Vietnam.

Q: Who should apply for the Terraformers travellers’ membership? 

A: Individuals who are interested in being a more conscious and mindful traveller or wish to contribute more to the cause should apply. Travellers should be comfortable with a self-planned trip, or have flexibility in your itinerary to add our destinations in. In addition, we expect travellers to have an open-mind, cultural intelligence and respect for indigenous communities.

Q: Can I visit more than one destination? 

A: Yes, the Terraformers travellers’ membership entitles you to view global listings.