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Fixers & Doers

About Fixers & Doers

Fixers & Doers is a resource sharing platform where home owners can learn valuable home maintenance skills (eg. Aircon maintenance) and rent the correct tools at nominal fee. With these new skills and resource, everyone can now cut down on annual maintenance expenses by up keeping our own homes ourselves.


During the event, Fixers & Doers will conduct an aircon maintenance class at every hour. Participants will learn first hand, how the aircon works and use the correct tools to maintain a wall mounted aircon, after which participants are registered and can rent Fixers & Doers aircon maintenance kit to perform their own aircon cleaning task.









Fortitude Culina X ODAC

About Fortitude Culina

Fortitude Culiina is an F&B Social Enterprise with a mission to showcase the best of asian food culture and empowering marginalised individuals as chefs.

About ODAC

Outdoor Dining Adventure Club is a social club that organises and setup dinner experiences in outdoor spaces requested by their members.


Satay on wheels.










About Inplex

A leaner and more sustainable method for home construction.


Showcase of the difference between structural materials: traditionally used reinforced concrete vs more light weight LGS (light gauge steel) used by Inplex.

Showcase of monomer Building System (MBS) structure and graphics on the possibilities of Monomer House.

Informational stands about Monomer House, German Design Award 2020 winner and environmental advantages of light gauge steel.









Ngee Ann Polytechnic

About Ngee Ann Polytechnic












Soil Social

About Soil Social

Soil Social is a local startup that turns urban waste into quality compost, rich in beneficial microbes and fungi, to cultivate better soil for gardeners, farmers and landscapes. We want to divert organic waste from the incinerator to sequester more carbon in the ground and increase our local food resilience with better soil.


Show and tell session where you can have a feel of and learn more about Soil Social’s compost.

Sales of products – Soil Social Compost, soil mix for leafy vegetables and house plants, plant castles and islands.










Starter Culture

About Starter Culture

A Singapore-based food biotechnology company with a focus on fermentation. Their mission is to create locally-inspired, nutritious and accessible food products.


Talk about fermentation and organise a ‘cultural’ exchange – to exchange fermentation starters.

Sales of kombucha and/or tibias on tap.









The Plastic Project

About The Plastic Project

Create your own products out of recycled plastics.


Selling Coasters, jewellery and a few prototype products.










About Terraformers

Terraformers is a Web 3 regenerative travel startup.

Regenerative travel refers to active steps taken to ensure all aspects of travel put people & our planet before profits, leading to a positive impact cycle on communities and the environment.

We activate ground-up innovation for alternative solutions to re-build the tourism industry & to scale community-based tourism activities using Web 3 & blockchain technologies.


Jurong Town art board.

Trail embarkation.

Goodie bag giveaways.

Photo printing.







The Sustainability Project

About The Sustainability Project

Sustainable living made easy.


DIY your very own foam hand wash that don’t include any toxic chemicals.

DIY foam hand wash workshop.

Learn the problem with conventional cleaners and plastic products.

Make your own hand wash and customise it with your favourite scent. Plus, reuse your own foam pump bottles and prevent them form going directly into the landfill!

Giveaway for 15 participants to attend the DIY foam handwash workshop for free at our festival, others can attend for a discounted price of $20.

Other activity: sales of their own products.










Biodiversity Walk @ Jurong Eco Garden


Take a stroll around Jurong Eco Garden and discover the wildlife that thrives in the area.

Look out for The Golden Apple Snail, The Blue Sprite Damselfly, The Common Red Stem Fig, The Gelam Tree and much more!

About The Trail

Free and Easy.

1.00pm – 4.00pm.









Nature Trail (Boon Lay CC)


Participants can come to the Terraformers booth to collect the activity booklet and cap for the walk.

End off with a polaroid at the last stop to commemorate the effort.  

Back at Boon Lay CC, present the activity booklet and polaroid to redeem the free drink and carabiner (an essential travel hack)

About The Trail

Free and Easy.

1.00pm – 4.00pm.

Last call @ 3pm










Ngee Ann Poly ABC Waters Trail



About The Trail

1.30pm, 2.00pm, 3.00pm.









Movie Screening


Our Planet movie screening in AUDACITY with free popcorn (while stocks last!).

Movie Time

3.00pm – 5.00pm.











AUDACITY short for Alternative Universal Design of a City, is a movement to catalyse a humanity-centric future supported by innovative technologies.


A short walk showcasing the facility that supports this commmunity.

1.15pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm.










Public Transport

Take bus 199 from Boon Lay MRT.

Stop at Bus Stop – Aft Lor Nanau (Stop ID 27179).

Walk 5 mins to JTC Launchpad @ Jurong Innovation District, 2 Cleantech Loop S(637144).

Walk 5 mins to Jurong Ego Garden down the pathway along Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle towards the music. Do mind the stones along the path.

Driving and Parking

JTC CleanTech One, 1 Cleantech Loop, S(637141).