Regenerative Travel experiences with Terraformers are not your traditional tour packages. In fact, it is not even a tour package. As a member of the Terraformers community, we co-create a trip (or sections of it) that is highly personalised to your taste and your level of adventurousness.

Packing tips are all about getting ready, but we are here to tell you that, not everything can be, and should be, anticipated. The mystery is part of the experience, and there is no guarantee about what serendipitous memories you are going to have! No matter what events transpire, the guarantee for our conscious, mindful, respectful travellers is a memorable time infused with rich, hyperlocal, immersive experiences.

To prepare for this adventure ahead: 

1. Have cash on hand

This is because not every rural destination on our list relies on digital payment infrastructure.

2. Pack light, minimalist, essential

If you are a seasoned Backpacker, you can gloss over this tip. But for the new regenerative travellers on board, there are a few tricks or two we can learn from backpacking senseis. Depending on the length of your trip, pick a backpack with sufficient volume (35L, 45L, 65L) for your needs. Also, my personal secret hack is rolling your clothing items and placing them in thin laundry bags, they are a lot more compact than packing compartments.

3. Keep an open mind and pick up keywords of the local language. 

If you are reading this, you are probably comfortable speaking in English, but local communities in our list are likely not. To bridge the gap, we encourage language exchange and keeping a humble, open mind to learning a new language or dialect! It reveals a lot about a culture, and we can already hear waves of laughter booming from pronunciation challenges!

4. Safety & precaution

Needless to say, this is a fundamental step for all travellers. Ensure you have the following:

  • Proper footwear
  • First aid kit – if you’re accident-prone like me, I cannot stress just how many times this has come in handy. 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Any necessary medication 
  • Don’t worry if you are afraid of missing out on things to pack for, we will send over a packing recommendations list before your trip! 

5. Capture moments

Be ready for the magic of serendipity, or perhaps don’t be ready at all. Leave it to serendipity and Live it wholly, with your eyes and heart, or through the scrambling lens of a camera.

Finally, a bold and adventurous spirit is what we all need for the endless discoveries ahead of us. Regenerative travel is in its infancy, and you are the pioneer for embarking on this trip of a lifetime with us.

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