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April 15 2022 - May 14 2022

Hi there!

We are piloting our regenerative travellers community in Singapore with this mini challenge supported by Scratchbac. Are you qualified to be a regenerative traveller? Of course you are! Travel is simple. Just have fun and every new encounter you share could just be that magical moment for another traveller to travel better.

How To Participate

Step 1: Uncover a “treasure” in your neighbourhood

Step 2: Post an image of the treasure on Scratchbac

Step 3: Write a caption in the post title

Step 4: #Terraformers in the post title

Step 5: In additional text field, ask any questions you might have about the “treasure”

Step 6: Submit your post to “Live Location”

Step 7: Interact and comment on other’s posts

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Wildlife & Biodiversity

Interesting Hobbies

Favourite Eateries

Myths, Legends & Fun Facts

Architectures & Infrastructures

10 Prizes

Worth $180 each

Soil Social Herb and Leafy Veg Grow Kit

Terraformers Picks 

Soil Social is driving a local movement to cultivate better soil, as it is a fundamental and essential ingredient to grow healthier plants and communities. We believe that Soil Social provides an easy and joyful experience in gardening and helps to turn more waste into wonder, tackling the urban waste and food self-sufficiency issues locally. 

About Soil Social

Soil Social is a local startup that turns urban waste into quality compost, rich in beneficial microbes and fungi, to cultivate better soil for gardeners, farmers and landscapes. We want to divert organic waste from the incinerator to sequester more carbon in the ground and increase our local food resilience with better soil.

$100 Cash Voucher at a sustainable merchant of your choice

Terraformers Picks 

The best way to begin our regenerative lifestyle is to be intentional with our own consumption. While Terraformers remain committed to our cause to support sustainable businesses, we recognise there isn’t a sustainable gift voucher that is as versatile as CapitaLand voucher (for instance). So tell us what works for you! Pick a sustainable merchant of your choice and we will send you their gift cards worth $100.

About Terraformers

Terraformers is a regenerative travel start-up. Our framework is carefully designed to support travellers to seek meaningful micro-experiences to travel regeneratively. Through this, we aim to usher in a new regenerative travel paradigm that will allow nature, local communities and travellers to thrive anywhere. 

Rewilding with A Little Wild donation of a tree nest in your name

Terraformers Picks

A Little Wild Founder, Jun Ning, has dedicated 50 acres of land to permanent re-wilding efforts on her farm. These areas will never be used for planting of fruit trees for sale. We believe that this donation to A Little Wild will see long-term benefits of carbon sequestration and biodiversity restoration. 

About A Little Wild

A Little Wild began in 2019 with a dream of working together and testing the limits of our ideals to grow a lush forest with an “impractical” diversity of fruits and vegetables. We found a 138-acre mature palm oil plantation that looked ripe for healing. On a personal level, we want to enjoy tasty fruits while speeding up the restoration of mother nature in our tiny part of the world. Dreaming bigger, we want to inspire other land owners to be responsible stewards of their land and for consumers to demand a closer connection with their food sources. Ultimately, we believe its possible to be financially profitable without taking short cuts that degrade our health.


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