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The Regenerative Travel Movement

of responsible stewards coming together to carve a new path towards a planet where any being can thrive anywhere.

This regenerative travel global community holds space for a more socially inclusive and environmentally friendly planet.

Regenerative travel strives to learn and understand cultural differences, experience living in different natural environments and connect with different local communities.


Regenerative travel is built on social and environmental health

and strives to leave a place better than it was. 

Regenerative travellers will seek to participate in experiences that actively improve social and environmental systems. Regenerative destinations will focus on building capacity to host experiences instead of building attractions.


Pura Vida

means “pure life” in Spanish, and is the name of the pledge adopted by the Costa Rica Tourism Board.

Essentially, the pledge encourages visitors to make a conscious effort to respect the environment before it is too late.

A global leader in sustainable tourism, Costa Rica also champions local culture and traditions as part of the visitor experience, inspiring Terraformers in our quest to pursue regenerative travel.


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Taking the bus/train

brings you to more breathtaking sceneries


Not having to rush

between itineraries give you more space to relax


Making local friends

builds your tribe around the world


Supporting organizations

with local environment/social causes enriches you


Immersing makes

everywhere home


Longer trips

are more satisfying


Less flights

less fatigue


Intention setting

to seek experiences that matter

Regenerative travel is easy to adopt, simply start following the Regenerative Travel Essentials above and you can be a Terraformer! Everyone is at different points of their own journey to become a responsible planetary steward, start here and chart your personal route to becoming a Terraformer.

Change the way you really travel.

We support the community to initiate and participate in experiences to drive cultural and nature regeneration. Terraformers can participate easily and with confidence that their travel will improve the social and environmental well-being of local communities.


Join us as a user tester. Your support is deeply appreciated. Over the next 6 months, you will be invited to experience our mock-ups and be part of the development process of our app. Join us in our journey to enable the future of regenerative travel.


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