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Authentic Experiences

Non-disruptive activities

Stop seeing. Start feeling. Build your own deep, life-changing interactions by integrating with local communities. 

Diverse Experiences

Cultural involvement

Have your own unique travel story to share with your friends. Experience a wide range of indigenous cultural activities across different tribes and ethnic groups. 

Take adventures close to nature

Environmental stewardship

Connect and engage with nature. Take a break from hectic city life and enjoy the tranquility and fresh air that nature brings. 

Advancing social growth and justice

Shared community benefits

Travel with an impact. All Terraformers hosts are committed to a community-based model that enhances equitability and redistribution of benefits. 

From the community

Our pictures. Our story.


Q: If I change my mind after purchasing the membership, will I get a refund?

A: No refund will be provided. The Terraformers travellers’ membership will entitle you to view future listings with other villages, and embark on a regenerative travel whenever you are ready.

Q: What is the estimated cost for the trip?

A: For Vietnam-based experiences, you can expect to spend S$200-300/week depending on the type of activities you engage in with the local communities. When finding a destination, let us know your estimated budget and we can support you in finding the appropriate hosts.

Q: How long should I spend with one community?

A: For the best experience, we recommend giving yourself the space and time to immerse in one destination. It can be tempting to visit as many villages in one country as possible, but that would compromise the depth of your experience.

Q: Is there a tour package that I can follow?

A: At the moment, Terraformers does not offer any tour packages. Upholding the development of non-disruptive tourism, daily activities are seasonal and can vary from day to day. We encourage all travellers to keep an active communication with your host to design the best experience for yourself and the local community.

Q: Is it only available in Vietnam?

A: Currently, our offerings are only available in North Vietnam. However, our team is working hard on the ground to bring more regenerative travel experiences to you. Do stay tuned for updates in our discord/telegram channels.